47 Attractive Teenage Bedroom Decorating Ideas For Comfort In Their Activities

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our teenagers need to have their own bedroom that will allow them to be comfortable all throughout the stage of going through their adolescence stage. This is a critical phase of their growing up; therefore, having a kind of bedroom design that will fit into their mood swings and attitude is vital. When choosing a teen bedroom design, make sure you understand everything about your teenagers.

Here are some ideas when you are renovating the bedroom of your teenagers:

For your teenage girl

If your teenager is a girl, consider the colors that she prefers. Maybe she has outgrown the love for pink and lavender colors and she may prefer brighter and louder colors. If you are not sure, it is better to ask your daughter of her preference. Asking her will make her feel she is not taken for granted inside the house. After all, it is her bedroom that is going to be re-designed.

Get her involved by always asking and letting her joined to store trips when shopping for essentials needed for the re-decoration of her room. The same thing with the accessories and furniture, you have to remember they should fit to their needs. Hip furnishings will suit personalities of teenagers, so fitting in furniture and accessories that are way maturely-looking is not a good idea.

For your teenage son

Likewise, you have to consider preferences of your teenage son. The same with your teenage daughter, he has preferences that must be importantly considered. At this point of his adolescence, he needs to feel more independent. You can give this independence by letting him involved in the entire process. Sometimes, it is more difficult to get a teenage boy than the teenage girl to get involved with the process of redesigning his own room. The trick is to ask him to be part of the entire process of the activity.

Starting from planning, shopping, painting, wallpapering, to decorating ask him to give a hand and he will most obligingly willing to be part of all these. These are great things for teenagers to keep occupied in their vacant times, so your son will have the best time doing these activities while getting their own preference incorporated inside his room. Letting them contribute big part for the teenage bedroom design activities will yield favorable results for both you and your children at the end of the venture.

How to save in teenage bedroom design

You can save a lot if you don’t toss off old furniture and accessories inside their bedroom. You can re-cycle these things by re-painting them off with colors that your teenager daughter or son prefers. Accentuating old furniture will avoid you from buying new ones. Old lamps can be covered with faux fur while old phones can be dressed with funky fabrics and accessories. For added drama and style, you can add shiny or colored knobs contrasting the color of the wall. If your daughter or son does not own one yet, buy bean bags. These are one of the most favorite stuffs of the teenagers.


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