48 Super Creative Diy Rv Renovation Hacks Makeover

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Renovating a camper can be a lot of fun and be very rewarding but also can be a lot of hard work especially if you’ve never undertaken the task. There are lots of reasons to consider renovating a camper. It can save you lots of money, provide a fun and interesting hobby, create an investment and provide a fun way to travel. Camper renovation has become a very popular activity and there are whole clubs devoted to refurbished, classic campers. Why not join the fun? Here are some great reasons to get involved in this interesting hobby.

Could Save You Lots of Money

Maybe you don’t have a lot to invest in a new RV or maybe you already have an older RV just sitting in your back yard. Perhaps you really want to renovate that ’66 classic Air Stream or that ’55 Scotty you saw listed in the want ads. Well, it’s possible, if you do your homework. Of course, it can cost a lot of money to have custom renovations completed by a professional service, but if you want to do it yourself, you can either do all the work or sub some of the work out for much cheaper than hiring a professional RV renovator. Part of the fun is in saving so money while refurbishing a camper.

When it’s completed, you will also save lots of money on vacations that you would otherwise spend on hotels and food. RV parks can be great fun for the family and offer lots of amenities at good rates. There are plenty of possibilities to save money by renovating a camper.

It’s a Great Hobby

If you want to jump into the classic camper arena, there’s plenty of fun and other people to meet who have the same interest as you. Many popular small camper brands have made a comeback and people are renovating them as a really fun hobby. Also, larger campers such as the Air Stream or Avion are classic brands that are iconic.

Make Investment for the Future

Camper renovations can be an investment if you choose to refurbish a real classic with as many original details as possible. Some of these models are collectibles and you can get your money back and then some by bringing back to life a classic travel trailer design.

Have Camper, Will Travel!

RVing is a great way to travel together as a family and explore different areas of the country. There are RV parks in just about every area of the country that offer just about everything you need. However, if you want to rough it, you can still do that with a camper that has its own generator and water holding tank. You can make every vacation a memorable one by RVing the country together.

These are really good reasons to take on the renovating of a camper. If you’re particularly handy with carpentry and other construction requirements, your job will be that much simpler. Keep in mind that you can either do it all yourself or sub out some of the harder jobs. Renovating a camper is not for the faint of heart, but it has great rewards if executed properly.


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