46 Beautiful Boho Rustic And Cozy Bedrooms

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Bohemian Bedding is not only all the rage, it is exquisitely timeless in nature, and many would argue downright beautiful. How does one choose amazing Bohemian Bedding for her own home? The Bohemian Bedding you choose depends completely on your personal style, of course, but here are a few tips for selecting your bedding:

1. Consider the Fabric- While selecting your bedding, keep in mind that it should be made of 100% cotton fabric for maximum comfort and wear. Cotton is more absorbent and better for your body. Even mixes with what seem to be insignificant numbers of synthetic fibers will reduce the absorption of moisture (perspiration) and can make for a less comfortable bed.

2. Watch the Thread Count – Thread count is essential to selecting your bedding. Most of bedding companies claim that the higher thread count, the better the bedding. What exactly is thread count? Thread count means is the number of (warp and weft) threads that pass through one square inch of fabric. If more threads pass through one square inch, the weave is tighter and durability of the fabric is increased. However, a higher thread count reduces the porosity of the fabric – meaning that less air will pass through it, a trait that can be uncomfortable… especially in hot, summer weather.

3. Choose a Beautiful Color Palette- Make colors count and incorporate your personal style with bright, vibrant hues like reds, blues, or oranges! Not feeling vibrant? Choose lovely pastel colors like light blue and sea green for a calmer and softer effect. Not sure which sounds more like you? Tone down bright colors using neutral hues like white and ivory, or if you select pastel shades, then you might consider selecting bright colors on the walls and throw pillows to create the perfect back drop to highlight your bedding.

4. Enjoy the Design- Again, it’s your personnel style that counts, whether you want solid or patterned bedding. You can choose floral pattern for a feminine look or stripes and plaids for a more masculine touch. One important note: Make sure to select bedding that does not have any sort of embossed print that might create a scratchy or uncomfortable environment.

5. Show your Style- Bohemian bedding is known for going well with country motifs and exotic styles of bedroom décor, but Bohemian bedding in softer shades of color also go well with more modern looks and beach house styles for simply incredible results!

Fabric, color, design, thread count and décor style all play an important role in selecting Bohemian Bedding. More importantly, because this sort of bedding requires handmade craftsmanship, each and every piece is beautifully unique. The variety of Bohemian Bedding includes is hand block printed bedding, hand embroidered bedding, hand screen printed bedding, and many more simply gorgeous options for your home. Choose wisely and enjoy the beauty that makes your space your own!


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