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Beginning with its roots back in the Volkswagen camper, modern-day camper vans have undergone a revolution in design, ease-of-use, and levels of comfort while traveling. Always appealing to those who want to travel swift, light, and minimally, camper van’s continue to appeal to those who need to make a quick getaway in the smallest possible package.

Because one is riding inside of the van while traveling, the experience of touring in a van camper is likened to touring in a small motorhome. Though they may lack interior space compared to their larger brethren, camper van’s come into their own by virtue of their small footprint, allowing one to wander and camp at will almost anywhere you can drive. An additional added benefit of a van camper is that it can function as a second car. Though larger in size than the standard automobile, gas mileage is relatively good recognizing the fact that one is operating a full-blown mini motorhome.

Those who find themselves short on time yet would welcome the additional living features that a van camper would provide, find themselves drawn to the purchase of these coaches. The van appeals to many such as busy moms, families who like to get out on their precious weekends, the older traveling solo couple and many others. Though relatively small in size, these rigs function perfectly for quick and even longer trips, for those who don’t need to bring everything they own out on the open road.

In the not so distant past the V.W. van camper was undoubtedly one of the most popular camper vans on the road. Even today, a fanatical group of followers continue to restore and operate these historical gems. What these unique vehicles got right, with the ability to go camping spontaneously, and with relative comfort and convenience.

As years went by, and larger vans entered the market from the major manufacturers such as Ford and Dodge, recreational vehicle manufacturers took to them with vigor, producing full-blown mini motorhomes within the confines of a van footprint. By ingeniously adding full standup headroom by cutting off the roof and adding various fiberglass extensions, the ability to live out of these vehicles comfortably, rose dramatically. With the added room came the addition of everything that makes an RV appealing, such as bathrooms with showers, full kitchens, entertainment centers, and plenty of sleeping areas.

In recent times, one of the most exciting additions to the arena of stock mass-produced vans has been the Sprinter van, based on Mercedes-Benz technology. These longer and taller vans have opened up exciting possibilities for builders and designers to really produce van campers that can go the long haul. With its inherent standup headroom except in the smallest models, companies no longer have to add the fiberglass extensions to make them comfortable and livable. Coupled with forward thinking technology such as the Mercedes-Benz, extremely fuel-efficient diesel engine, this package delivers exceptional gas mileage and driver comfort, and makes them very appealing to many.

Still another desirable feature of a camper van is its ability to tow. This opens up many possibilities such as bringing along quads or motorcycles, boats, or even a travel trailer for additional living space. All in all, the multipurpose use of a camper van has a broad appeal to a large number of consumers, recreational types, and others who are highly mobile. If you find yourself needing a second vehicle that can function as a family van and yet often double as a full-blown camper, or something in between, a camper van may be for you.

Paul has been living in RV’s for most of his adult life. With a passion for any home on wheels or one that floats, he seeks out all information pertaining to the nomadic lifestyle.


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